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Creativity Questions

Creative idea questions help find outstanding solutions to problems and opportunities. Have fun generating fresh, new ideas and break out from your usual thinking.

To be more creative, you need to SEED your thinking. Most people try to be creative in a vacuum and this does not work. The creativity process below through asking creative questions is a structured, logical, systematic approach to seed your creativity. It supports you in seeing things from different perspectives.

Challenge your mind to answer a question or find a solution. Ask these Smart Creativity Questions to yourself. Think of a question, problem or intention to be addressed. Use the seed thoughts below and be open. Have fun with it. STREEEEEETCH your mind!

  1. My situation or problem or question is...
  2. What benefits do I hope to achieve for myself or offer to others?
  3. What criteria (considering time, place, resources, people, safety, etc.) will I use to rate the best idea when I find it?
  4. For each one of the above criteria, what solutions might be possible?
  5. What are my answers to the 5 Whys - what, when, who, when, why and how?

Become more aware of how your mind creates your reality. Expand your creativity. Be inspired to be all you can be by asking good mind questions. Receiving a question, tip and quote daily creates a continuity of intention to develop your mind.

Smart creativity questions