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Manifesting Money and Prosperity Questions

How are you sabotaging your prosperity? Expand your self-worth and net-worth.

Money, people, events and circumstances are attracted to our lives according to who we are more than what we do. If you are struggling to make financial ends meet, you may have internal programs that are sabotaging your prosperity.

Our challenges with money mirror our larger challenges with life.

Study your relationship with money and you will get important clues to the victim issues, limiting beliefs, negative self talk and unconscious sabotaging behaviour that limit your ability to succeed in any area of life.

Increase your self worth by tackling those financial headaches and your net worth follows!

Master your relationship with money, and you will build a foundation that begins to draw wealth of all kinds to you.

Question your life! STOP and THINK about value, worth and wealth. About money, prosperity and abundance. Just a few thoughtful minutes per day will change your life. That's our guarantee!

Explore money, prosperity and abundance with 12 weeks of Smart Question Coaching. Receive 60 emails over 12 weeks to support you in uncovering your innate wealth and achieving financial security.

Abundance is our birthright

With 5 Smart Questions each week, you'll begin to:

  • ponder the fundamentals of managing money.
  • identify limiting beliefs that stop you from experiencing abundance.
  • replace limiting beliefs with constructive thoughts and practices that will draw abundance to you.
  • define success and what abundance means to you.
  • draw on your passion to magnetize prosperity.
  • understand the spiritual and natural laws of abundance.

Start on the road to prosperity today with Smart Question Coaching emails to Manifest Abundance.

"You get no more and no less than what you believe you deserve."
 -- Dan Millman

Receive 60 days of Smart Question Coaching manifesting prosperity emails over 12 weeks to notch up your self worth and net worth. Work through money issues, limiting beliefs and higher principles of attracting and manifesting abundance.

Order today for only $17 and you will receive your Money Questions Email Series - Explore your relationship with money. Build a foundation for increasing your self worth and net worth. Receive 90 days of daily smart questions and tips to shift your prosperity consciousness.

You will also receive in a printer friendly (PDF) format:

  • Money - Manage your money with important financial questions
  • Prosperity - Think your way to prosperity

Coming soon:

  • Manifesting Goals - Explore anchoring, integration and co-creating.
  • Manifesting Tips

We guarantee you will experience life differently!

For over 10 years, we have been using Smart Questions to coach thousands of individuals around the world. We know from experience how powerful questions are in raising our consciousness and empowering us to live differently. Please give them a try - you won't look back.

Order now through our secure server to get instant access to our Money and Prosperity Questions email series -- great questions daily to explore your (un)prosperity thinking and how it affects results in your life.

You are fully protected by our 100%, no risk money-back guarantee. If you're not satisfied with what you get from us, just email us and we'll refund your payment.

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No matter where you are in your life, we have the right questions for you. They'll help you confidently move forward on what matters most to you.


John and Patrice Robson
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

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