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Spiritual and Soul Questions

Finding your soul purpose lets you capture ways in which Soul works through you.

Soul is our essence. Until we align with and express soul, we will not fully be at peace or have meaning in our lives. Today many people are experiencing a soul crisis. Psychology's tools are not effective in helping us become more soulful. Do you know how spirit is attempting to express through you right now? Know your soul by giving your soul meaning.

Let the good lessons in life give you limitless opportunities to grow. Be totally focused, present, loving and conscious of your relationship to everything. Ask yourself these Smart Soul Questions.

  1. What are the values, virtues and spiritual qualities (examples: commitment, healing, responsibility, forgiveness, intimacy, etc.) that are most important to me?
  2. What life lessons keep on recurring in my life?
  3. What gives meaning in my life?
  4. What is sacred to me?
  5. Who can I help or serve?

Soul is about the quality of life, not the quantity or form of life. The growing Soul communicates with you and expresses itself through meaning and sacredness.

Practice daily spiritual living. Connect with your own divinity. Explore your life purpose. Trust your intuition by asking deep spiritual questions. Receiving a question, tip and quote daily creates a continuity of intention so you do attain more spirituality and authenticity.

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Spiritual and Soul Questions