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Subconscious Questions

Break free from unconscious blocks, self-sabotage and limiting patterns to experience freedom and fulfillment. Make the subconscious conscious.

Our greatest personal growth comes from shining light on our unconscious shadows. This helps us break free from the illusions of the ego, repressed programs and beliefs of our subconscious mind. As most of our blocks are unconscious we need to watch carefully for clues. We must revel the blocks by indirect means.

These unconscious blocks (repressed emotions, inner wounds, limiting beliefs, grief, pain, etc.) are often unseen but their effects in our lives are seen. It is time to reveal the unconscious shadows that are lurking in our lives. Tap into the subconscious mind. Ask yourself these Smart Subconscious Questions. Identify what keeps you from growing and moving on.

  1. When I am stuck in a situation, how do I defend myself? What excuses do I make to defend myself?
  2. What are my pet peeves, dislikes and hates? What situations evoke strong emotional reactions in me?
  3. What stresses me?
  4. What drains my energy?
  5. What challenges me in life right now?

Reveal the unconscious shadows that limit you. Only then can you plan and implement strategies that address what is keeping you from personally growing.

Break through what holds you back. Become more conscious of the unconscious programs that cause pain. Reduce resistance, anxiety, stress and worry. Attain new levels of self-acceptance and personal responsibility by asking good emotion questions. Receiving a question, tip and quote daily creates a continuity of intention so you can experience more peace of mind and happiness.

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Good Subconscious Questions